Meet Iyanna

Founder | Blacktivist | Breastfeeding Champion

An aboriginal indigenous Black woman. An honored mother, nurture, and spiritual guide to 4 inquisitive beautiful Black girls and a confidant and wife to my best friend and protector. With my first three daughters each time I got pregnant, each time I gave birth, I unknowingly and unwilling put myself at risk of being a statistic. However with my fourth daughter, I decided I deserved better, my family deserved better and empowered my birthing experience. 


Michele “Chele”

Birth Doula

I’ve never produced kids of my own, but as a queer black woman I have a son that means more to me than anything in the world. Being there to assist with his delivery was the single most important day in my life, signifying what true joy is to me- life!

Black mothers deserve doulas and after reading The Radical Doula Guide by Miriam Zoila Perez and other literature that helped me understand how marginalized women are affected within the medical industry during childbirth, that was the path mapped out and I vowed that remedying that treatment would commit me to this path. 

Mothers in childbirth deserve to feel at peace and powerful at the same time. A doula to me is a bold energy mixed with a soft place for mom to land, and I am excited about all support and care I can provide. 

Andrea “Doula Deneé

Birth Doula

Thinking back on two of my birthing experiences. I can remember how powerless I felt. How I utilized my voice, but my birth wishes went unheard. This is the reason why I decided to become a doula. The famous poet, Maya Angelou, once said “Do the best you can until you know better. Once you know better, do better.” Now that I know better, I want to assist families in doing the same.
As your doula, it would be my pleasure to guide you during this precious process. I fully believe in my role as a birth keeper. I honor each journey. I will hold space, share wisdom, and offer support, knowledge, experience & Intuition.



I have passionately been providing support to families in the educational field forever.   My desire to become a doula began after providing support to my best friends as they brought my god babies into the world. Now a mother of 3 and godmother of 8. I have been naturing and supporting my circle of family and friends through birth and after. As a doula my goal is to support your desires, answer questions, provide resources throughout your pregnancy/birth/and postpartum journey.


Birth Doula

I have lived in Pittsburgh for 21 years. I am originally from Alabama. I am a mother of two and have been married since 2015. I am a very passionate, caring, and empathetic advocate. I value honesty and communication. I am adaptable, hardworking, and have great problem-solving skills. I have a sense of hope and pride. I strive to be respectful and professional. I also want to be there to celebrate and/or grieve with you. I have gone though several miscarriages and had fertility issues. What got me through it, was knowing I was not alone and there is always hope.