About Us

Everyday a black woman walks into a medical facility to receive prenatal care, she runs the risk of being discriminated against. This discrimination is the cause of low quality care for mother’s, resulting in the shocking statistic of black women being 4x more likely then white women to die from complications during labor and delivery. The maternal mortality rate is continuously on the rise and the United States has the highest rates compared to other developed countries.

The Birthing Hut poses the question, “How is this statistic even possible in the 21century? Can we attribute a specific demographic to this statistic?” Society seeks refuge in the theory of a uneducated young single non employed black mother, but this theory has been proven false. Black women from all educational, financial and professional backgrounds risk the same burden when receiving prenatal care. This subconscious institutional racism within the medical field is an ugly monster the black community is well aware of and with it being exposed, denial is no longer effective.

The Birthing Hut aims to provide an array of pre & postnatal community support and services. As black birthing professionals we educate our clients, provide evidence based research to assist clients with making informed decisions and we build up the mental and emotional confidence of our moms so they can become an advocate for themselves and family. We understand the drastic disproportion of maternal compassion for black women, which is why we prioritize this community but we provide support and services for ALL women in need of pre and postnatal care.