Everyday Black women walk into medical institutions to receive prenatal care, she runs the risk of being discriminated against. This racial discrimination is the cause of low quality care for Black mother’s, resulting in the shocking statistic of Black women being 4x more likely then white women to die from complications during labor and delivery and over 60% of those deaths are preventable. The maternal mortality disparity is continuously on the rise. And although we prioritize Black mothers, we do serve all mothers. 

The Birthing Hut LLC. has committed to combat these disparities with our services. We offer an array of services which can be customized based on your preference and needs. Our courses can be suited to meet the needs of an organization or couples, Child Birth Education, Labor & Delivery Preparation, Breastfeeding Support, Belly Birth Basics, Daddy Doula and Birth and Postpartum Planning. We meet you where you are. 

Along with our extensive courses, The Birthing Hut LLC. is a training organization, training and certifying Blacktivist ; Black Birth Advocates. Our doulas are equipped with historical relevant content that prepares them to advocate for Black mothers, and trained to be culturally competent to better support Black mothers. Our certification also incorporates doula support techniques which allows for compassionate and professional care.