Birthing Professionals


Meet Iyanna

Founder & Owner of The Birthing Hut & Iyanna B. Doula Services

Iyanna completed her doula training in 2018 , and has been practicing as a trained doula and birth community advocate since, serving the Pittsburgh area. She decided to practice as a independent birthing & postpartum doula to focus her work in the black community and to maintain her freedom to choose her clientele and integrate different cultural birthing techniques in her practice.

Iyanna is the mother of 4 beautiful girls. At 19 years old Iyanna had her first traumatic experience with birth. Her first born , an emergency c-section. As a young healthy mother Iyanna was looking forward to a natural water birth but under the circumstances, a breech baby exposed to meconium , her reality didn’t meet her expectations. There was no concern to mentally prepare a first time young mother , no time to educate mom on this major surgery about to take place. Grandma was present for baby , no support for mom. Of course it’s wasn’t in that moment she knew how traumatic her delivery was, baby was alive and well , she was alive, all was well. Iyanna knew “something wasn’t right” , she felt lonely but just disregarded her emotions because everything was “ok” , this was normal. It took 3 pregnancies and 6 years for Iyanna to address her disappointment with how she was being treated during labor and delivery, to realize this isn’t ok, this is not what birth looks like ! 

Coming to her own realization of her birthing experience, sharing experiences with other women who were unknowingly traumatized by their birthing experience and told to be happy because the “worst” didn’t happen, it just made sense for Iyanna to be a doula. To provide the support she knew was crucial for not only a positive experience for mom but just as crucial for a healthy outcome for baby.    

Meet Jessica

A licensed nurse, first drawn to healing and birth work at 14 with her own traumatic birth. Her interest in birth grew an by 17 with the study of herbal medicine, she knew mothers and babies is where she needed to be. Since completing her training in 2015 she has been working in the community.